About BookFest @ Malaysia 2018

BookFest @ Malaysia, incepted in 2006, continues its lifelong mission of inculcating the love of reading amongst Malaysians! Co-organised with Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad, this fair was recognised in 2016 by the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest trilingual book exposition in the country, and is hence a must-go event for bibliophiles within and beyond Malaysia.

Malaysia’s largest book exposition hosts more than 700 booths featuring leading publishers, books and stationery distributors from countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Visitors to BookFest @ Malaysia will be treated to millions of books from the latest and best collections of Chinese, English and Malay titles located at both the Chinese and English Pavilions. At the same time, this event also offers a diverse assortment of the latest stationery, audio-visual products, gadgets and IT products and many more, at the Lifestyle Pavilion. What’s more, BookFest also serves as a platform for both local and international authors to present their written works to audiences.

The annual book exposition occupies one of Malaysia’s most prestigious “state-of-the-art” Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) sites; the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). Since BookFest’s establishment in 2006, it has occupied an exhibition space of 100,000 square feet encompassing Hall 1 to Hall 5 at the Ground Floor Level. In 2011, POPULAR Malaysia, as the organiser, increased the exhibition space from 100,000 square feet to 125,000 square feet with the introduction of the Lifestyle Pavilion located at the Grand Ballroom of Level 3. The Lifestyle Pavilion meanwhile showcases a diverse genre of the latest stationery, music, gadgets and IT products in the market. Overwhelming reception from the public saw the Lifestyle Pavilion expanded yet again with an addition of another 8,000 square feet (Banquet Hall) to accommodate an even wider range of products. This year’s BookFest @ Malaysia 2018 will occupy an even larger area, from 133,000 square feet to an astounding 160,000 square feet! Presenting Hall 6 which shall host the Digital Lifestyle Pavilion, will supplement the existing of Halls 1 to 5 at Ground Floor, and the revamped Urban Lifestyle Pavilion - Grand Ballroom and Banquet Hall at Level 3. The additional 27,000 square feet in Hall 6 represents an unprecedented growth and a whole new world of Digital Lifestyle in the history of BookFest. You may find small handy electrical & household items, IT gadgets, mobile products and many more.

BookFest @ Malaysia will take place over a 9-day period, stretching over 2 weekends (2 Saturdays & 2 Sundays). Visitors can also look forward to many fun-filled, exciting activities such as performances, contests as well as meet-the-author sessions peppered throughout the exhibition days. These events and activities cater to both visitors from all walks of life. Put simply, there’s something of everything for everyone at BookFest @ Malaysia!

The growing number of visitors to BookFest year after year is a testament of the public’s support of this book expo. In its inaugural year, BookFest saw 320,000 visitors step into its halls, and welcomed an overwhelming crowd of 400,000 in 2007. In 2008, the annual event proved to be even more successful with 450,000 visitors. In 2009, despite the Influenza H1N1 pandemic, BookFest still recorded an astonishing 420,000 visitors; a positive sign of the unabated passion for reading among Malaysians. Then in 2010, BookFest saw a big leap in its visitorship with a record of 600,000 visitors while 2011 and 2012 went beyond the mark of 680,000 visitors. In 2013, BookFest received a total of 710,000 visitors and in 2014, welcomed a record-breaking figure of 715,000 visitors. For 2016 and 2017, BookFest welcomed over 680,000 visitors.

Programmes consist of 2 segments:

  1. 1) Exhibition

    The exhibition showcases the latest books published in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. BookFest @ Malaysia 2018 officially runs from 9 to 17 June 2018, where visitors can visit Hall 1 to 5 (English and Chinese Pavilion) for an assortment of English and Chinese Books. The Urban Lifestyle Pavilion, located at the Grand Ballroom & Banquet Hall of Level 3, features a spectrum of stationery, as well as the all new Titbit Carnival. The Digital Lifestyle Pavilion, located at Hall 6 (Gadget & IT Pavilion) features a range of electrical & household items, IT gadgets, mobile products and many more. The exhibition will open from 10am to 10pm daily. Admission is RM2.50 per ticket, with free admission given to students 18 years old and below and senior citizens 60 years old and above.

  2. 2) Events

    Enjoy the many fun-filled and exciting activities organised throughout BookFest @ Malaysia such as meet-the-author sessions, fun time for kids, games and activities, performances, contests and many more. Chinese language-based events will be held at Main Stage @ Hall 1 while English-based ones will be held at The Stage @ Hall 5.

Allocation Space

The Chinese and English Pavilion will fully occupy the 5 adjoining halls at Ground Floor while Hall 6 will host the Digital Lifestyle Pavilion. The Grand Ballroom and the Banquet Hall at Level 3 of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre will host the Urban Lifestyle Pavilion. This layout allow for the ideal visitor flow, whilst ensuring a strong cultural theme.

Shell Scheme Space

When you take up a shell scheme space, you are entitled to use a stand design. This is perfect for those who need to build a stand under time-constraint, minus the hassle. The proposed packages provide the necessary options to enhance your stand. The minimum size for a shell scheme is 9 square metres.